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zeina heart videos

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Zeina Heart

Aliases: Kylie Fox, Zena Heart, Ziena Heart, Zeina

Here’s a tasty little treat to warm the embers of your heart and light a fire in your testes and ovaries: Zeina Heart. She’s a cinnamon-skinned cutie with big doe eyes that could melt a cock-shaped ice sculpture with a batted lash or naughty smile. Zeina is just a wonderfully proportioned fuck doll, with a skinny waist and soft hourglass curves. Her perfect B-cup tits are all real and perfectly compliment her 34” waist that rounds off in a dreamy young booty. Zeina comes from Ontario, Canada’s economic and political center, and this girl knows something about being the center of attention. When Zeina walks into a crowded room, all the guys stand back for fear their uncontrollable boners might become too obvious, and all the ladies also run to get some extra padding, lest their pussy humidity start showing through their skirts. Having always known that she wanted to be a professional on-camera lover, Zeina got started as soon as she turned 18. She began doing softcore lesbian porn just to help build up her reputation and tease the horny viewers whom she knew would start begging for more. Slowly but surely, she developed amazing dick-sucking skills, then relaxed her extremely tight pussy enough to let some monster porn dicks work their way inside her frontal fuck canal. Now, it’s clear that Zeina is one hardcore pro, especially when you see her after a heavy shoot, smiling with a face smothered in cum.

Born: 1986-05-14

Career: 2005 to Present (Started around 13 years ago)

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