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Aliases: Lapira, Zafira Blundchen, Zafira Klass, Betty, Bettina, Yasmin, Lafira, Lafirma

When Zafira walks onto a set, the room temperature shoots up from all the collective blood rushing to the pricks and cunts of the whole crew. She’s a Hungarian princess with a steel-cut look to her face that says she’ll bite your head off if you don’t give her what she wants. So what does Zafira want? Lot’s of things, but she mainly wants pussy. Zafira has done all kinds of porn but she’s known best for being a grade-A clam hound. Zafira loves to hold some babe’s legs apart and tense up her tongue to slowly lick from the knotted brown butt-hole, up past the fuck-hole, and in and around the meat flaps, before finally landing on that clit to give it a twirl and a nibble. That said, Zafira occasionally needs a dick, too, and not just up her twat, but also in the form of a good anal filling. Finally, Zafira is pretty famous for how relaxed she is on set, and by that, we mean this girl is a pisser. Watersports are her thing, and she lets those golden showers go like she was putting out flames. Obviously, everybody gives this girl what she wants. With great fake tits courtesy of some of top doctors in the biz, a hard ass you’d love to smother your face with, and that sweaty crotch-pocket which is always ready to go, Zafira always gets full satisfaction.

Born: 1984-11-13

Career: 2004 to Present (Started around 13 years ago)

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