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Yvette Bova
Tired of tiny chicks who can barely carry the weight of your swollen ball sack? Then you need a chick with some serious muscles. Yvette Bova isn’t just a fuck star; she’s a true bodybuilder. Her figure is so pumped and cut that she could take on a train of guys and beat them senseless, before giving them all consolation blowjobs. Yvette loves two things: pumping iron and hard dicks. Nothing helps her relax after a day at the gym like a cock prodding her tonsils or excavating her tight vagina. Then, nothing helps her relax after serious hip-bumping action like some reps or squats. If Yvette were to clinch up her pussy during sex, she’d probably be able to relieve that guy of his member in a snap. Good thing Yvette is still a softy on the inside, who just loves to please. As far as we’re concerned, though, nothing pleases more than her near-bursting balloon tits. Those are some monster jugs she carries around, and you would need to fight your way free after motorboating those pups. Yvette was born in Kansas and grew up in Denver. She had a career in the military before becoming a pro bodybuilder and porno star. Now she’s a world-class Ebony mistress who dishes out some athletic orgasms to both guys and gals. Few chicks are blacker, stronger or hornier than Yvette, and if you dare to approach her, you better limber up and stretch your fist beforehand.

Career: 2003 to Present (Started around 15 years ago)

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