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Vanessa Blue
Have you been a bad boy? Do you need a strong tongue lashing, or maybe a dick slapping, or a good whipping? Do you deserve a big Black ass smothering your face, suffocating you with her pussy and butt fumes, grinding down on you until you can’t breathe? Or maybe you need a good pegging? Imagine a strong, Nubian mama strapping one on, big, black and veiny, and flipping you over to pound your virgin butthole like the naughty boy you are. Whatever your pleasure or punishment, Vanessa Blue has got a lesson for you. This thick, strong, take-no-shit beauty is all about teaching men to behave, and when we say behave, we mean respecting women, which comes down to worshipping their pussies and butts. Vanessa Blue is a knockout Ebony slut with tits so big and juicy that they go right off the alphabet scale. She’s got one of those deep mauve vaginas that you know will taste sweeter than berries when she gets all wet and juiced up. Her ass alone demands the utmost respect, and Vanessa knows how to get men to kneel before her and say a prayer into her butthole. Vanessa fucks like a hardcore champ defending her title with each power thrust. This girl is one strong mama who you don’t say no to. That’s why she loves directing as much as acting, so she can dish out the orders and demand satisfaction from the lucky male performers who will walk away wasted, limping and covered in Vanessa’s sex juices.

Born: 1974-05-27

Career: 1996 to 2010

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