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Tinto Brass
Have you heard of Tinto Brass? If you haven’t, you’ll be glad to be introduced because he’s a very interesting character. An Italian guy who could easily pass for a mobster, he’s always seen with a cigar in his mouth. Perhaps his oral fixation is a symbol of one of his obsessions! He’s not exactly a pornstar, or even a porn director per se, but he did direct some extraordinary erotic films in the ‘60s and ‘70s that you might’ve heard of. The most famous ones include Caligula, an erotic drama about the erotic life of famous Roman emperor Caligula. It’s well known that the Romans and Ancient Greeks were rather freaky. Interestingly, this movie was supposed to be a satire instead of a porno flick, but the producers and Mr. Brass had a disagreement and they totally changed it, incidentally opening up a whole new world to him.

Tinto’s real name is Giovanni but he was nicknamed Tintoretto early in life, after the famous Renaissance painter. As he grew up, it was changed to Tinto for its masculine, adult appeal. The amazing director and film visionary has undoubtedly left his mark on history. Here you can see some scintillating scenes from his films and discover why he’s such a classic filmmaker.

If you’re looking for hardcore smut, this might not be the guy for you, but if you want to be enlightened about how this type of film shaped modern porn and erotic art, this is a great history lesson that’ll simultaneously give you a boner. You’ve got to give credit where credit is due. Tinto was a revolutionary guy for his time!

Born: 1933-03-26

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