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Sophia Knight
Sophia Knight is a blonde dream girl so incredibly sexy, her image could’ve been the primal cause of the invention of the Internet, just to distribute her pictures everywhere. Well, in reality Sophia is too young, but we bet some horny techies somewhere are inventing the next big thing in bandwidth, with posters of naked Sophia lining their basement walls, just to share this blonde beauty’s smut at even faster speeds. Sophia hails from Scotland, a land of rolling hills, tartan customs, football hooligans and haggis, but she might as well be the country’s national treasure. She’s got small creamy tits that aren’t too tiny for a good handful, or mouthful, with amazing pink nipples. Her smooth pale skin probably tastes like honey and cream. That vagina of hers opens up like a dewy pink flower and shines with her juices when she so much as thinks about touching herself. Sophia is a masturbation princess and has a wide collection of toys to tickle her clit and massage her G-spot with. When she’s not alone, this babe loves calling over her hot girlfriends for some fun lesbian playtime. Sophia loves the taste of her friends’ wet twats and laps at those girly sex juices like a thirsty kitten. The way the hottest babes in the business rush over to get a chance to play with Sophia and eat out her delicious muff hole is a testament to how amazing her holiest of holies is.

Born: 1988-10-11

Career: 2012 to Present (Started around 6 years ago)

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