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Schnuggie91 is a German pornstar who’s actually a cam model. The sexy blonde started off as a completely good girl who was a bank clerk. She was sweet and acted every bit as innocent as she looks. But, like so many chicks, she got bored and decided to make her own porn clips and sell them online, and to do live cam shows. Interestingly, Schnuggie has made movies with the help of her stepmother and stepsister. They all love to make porn together because they find it to be a fun activity! She said that becoming a pornstar has changed her life. Her family is very accepting, but when she goes to parties she says there are those people who stand in the corner and talk badly about her. At any rate, she knows who her friends are!

Schnuggie loves camming when she’s not making custom porn movies. She loves how she can do everything from talk politics to strip on camera, truly bonding with fans like friends! Schnuggie hasn’t worked for other porn companies because she likes to be her own boss and use her own imagination. She takes her fans’ desires into account while also manifesting her special creative vision. While this beautiful girl wants to keep making porn for a while, she also has other aspirations like going back to college for something, but she hasn’t decided what to study yet. While she’s figuring that out, we’re very lucky to have her marvelous hardcore porn movies at our disposal!

Born: 1991-11-21

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