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Max Hardcore

Aliases: Max Steiner, Sam, Rex Reamer, Video Paul, Paul Little, Sam Smythe

Max Hardcore is a porn maker whose name is synonymous with controversy. Having directed over 300 porn movies and having starred in over 500, Mr. Hardcore started performing in 1991 at the age of 35, and began directing in the following year. He also went by Paul Max, Paul, Max Steiner, Sam, Rex Reamer, Video Paul, Paul Little, and Sam Smythe. At 5’10" and 165lbs, he wasn’t the most muscular guy, but he got the job done. Max specialized in gonzo pornography and prided himself on always pushing boundaries, which eventually got him into trouble with the law. His movies were based around fucking 18-year-old pornstar newbies who would do practically anything to kickstart their porn career, or he would be fucking their angry step-moms who tried to stop their progeny from doing porn. While you might consider this hot, some people disliked it to the point where Max did two years in jail for obscenity. After being released from prison, the porn industry just wasn’t the same for him, so he decided to retire, but many of his productions are still available for free and also on his personal website.

Max is known for his bright colored suits and customary cowboy hat, so you could easily spot him in a crowd from afar. He has been known to frequent porn movies with Layla Rivera and a girl named Catalina. While Max’s movies aren’t for everyone, this is the place to check out his fuck flicks for free if you’re wondering what all the hubbub is about.

Born: 1956-08-10

Career: 1991 to 2009

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