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Mario Salieri
‘Salieri’ might make you think of the composer who played second fiddle to Mozart for much of his life, but this Salieri has created and starred in his own porn movies since 1989 at age 32. Having had several non-sexual movie roles, he has directed over 150 erotic movies which walk the line between flat-out pornography and art, stimulating both the mind and cock. For most of his career he released his work on VHS or DVD, but he recently developed a website featuring his newest work. His movies deal with classic cinematic themes like historic sex scenes, religious ideas and classic stories involving beloved pop-culture icons.

Mario’s looks show every year of his experience but that only makes him sexier! Often seen wearing a classic suit, he has black hair slicked back in a classic Italian style and a salt & pepper beard which asserts his life experiences. Most of his European porn movies are in the Italian language, but you don’t need to speak Italian to understand what’s going on, because sex transcends language. If you want to experience classic erotic films, you don’t wanna miss Mario Salieri. Here you can see free scenes from his finest cinematic works that feature dirty fucking and captivating story lines.

Career: 1990 to 2006

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