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lara croft videos

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Lara Croft

Aliases: Lora Craft, Laura Croft, Lara Croft, Laura Craft, Lana Craft, Jamie Lee, Lora Kroft, Lana Croft, Lora Croft

Two types of results come up when you search for Lara Croft porn. First, there is a real pornstar named Lara Croft who comes from Budapest, Hungary. This babe stands 5 feet 5 inches tall and weighs only 103 pounds. She has cute brown hair and a devilish grin that lets you know how totally horny she is. Her super-hot measurements of 34B-24-35 wow all the guys who see her. She has gone by a lot of other names in the porn industry, like Alice von Blanc, Jasmine Dream, Laura Croft, Lora Croft, Laura Craft, Lana Craft, Lora Craft, Lara Craft, Jamie Lee, Lora Kroft, Lana Croft, Stacy and Lora Craft. It’s likely that Lara took her name from the character in a popular series of video games and movies, who was once played by Angelina Jolie.

The other result you might get when searching for Lara Croft porn? Animated porn movies of the character getting boned by all sorts of dudes. She is so hot in these movies that she has become a common sexual fantasy. Not only is she super sexy, she is completely badass. She fights bad guys and uses her wit to conquer various undercover scenarios. You don’t need to see the movies or play the games to see why people think she’s so hot, since you can catch her here in some animated porn movies modeled after her character!
Whichever Lara you find on Pornhub, rest assured that they both love to take lots of cock in hardcore scenes and will put on a good show for your personal fap session.

Born: 1981-09-17

Career: 2004 to 2011

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