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Heather Brooke

Aliases: Heather Harmon

The legend of Deep Throat continues, and the latest heroine in the genre of sword swallowing is the infamous Heather Brooke. This girl made herself famous by starring in her own series called "I Am Deep Throat” parts 1 and 2. These films may only stick to some classic blowjob scenes, but they are definitely worth the watch. The way this blonde suck-queen knows how to manipulate a cock, and make it dance for joy and weep with pleasure, is a sight to behold. She has that throat magic that can make 12 inches of dick disappear so well, you’d think she was some sort of slutty illusionist. She can hum a tune to a set of testicles and they’ll sing back the chorus. Her taste for feeling long slivers of warm jizz slide down her throat is practically an addiction, albeit quite the healthy one. Supposedly there are a lot of vitamins and nutrients in your ball gunk, and this girl wants to stay fit by swallowing as much as possible. Not that she doesn’t love a good facial splattering every now and then, too. Her face has been covered in so much cum, it’s practically caked on there sometimes. Heather Brooke is truly a self-made porn star, getting her own career started with webcams and amateur videos. It just goes to show the length a slut will go to get what she wants, which is a lengthy boner, deep down her throat.

Born: 1980-11-02

Career: 2001 to 2010

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