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Gen Padova
She may be barely 5’ tall, and hardly 90lbs even when drenched in sex sweat and ball sauce, but the incredibly lithe and slutty Gen Padova has enough appetite for cock and vaj to stuff a heaving sex pig. She’s an all-American cheerleader type who’s always giving hip-hip hoorays for the chance to get all three of her tiny fuck holes splayed and destroyed. Gen is a true cutie, with an innocent face, creamy pale skin, delightful tits and flower-pink nips. Sometimes blonde, other times strawberry, she could rock any color or style and you’d still recognize her adorable head bobbing on a dick or exploring the depths of some steamy twat. Born in California to Italian-American parents, she grew up quite shy and timid about her body and its infinite possibilities for prick and pussy-induced pleasure. At 19 she had barely kissed a boy, and she only really started thinking about losing her V-card at age 20. But once she had a taste of orgasmic stimulation, the raging whore in Gen came crashing out of its cage and exploded all over the Internet. With the help of a digital camera and some bandwidth, Gen launched her online porn career and has been ripping apart the fuck charts ever since. These days you can catch her awesome studio work where she sucks, fucks, eats pussy, and takes anal like a true novice slut champ.

Born: 1981-08-02

Career: 2001 to 2011

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