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Coco Velvett

Aliases: Cocco, Coco Velvet, Coco Ono Velvett

You might think that a porn star named Coco Velvett is soft and sweet… you know, because of her name. Well, sometimes, you never can tell what kind of depraved mind lurks underneath a pretty face. Coco Velvett will definitely screw with your expectations. She’s an alternative bad girl who doesn’t give a fuck about what others expect of her. Instead, this incredibly sexy minx chases after whatever will get her G-spot going. Coco loves to fuck, period. Her enthusiasm alone can make your pubic mane stand on edge. When this naughty hottie dons a schoolgirl uniform or a cheerleader outfit, national enrollment in adult education programs sky rockets. Not long ago, Coco was invited by some mainstream media organization to do an experiment. They wanted to film her watching her own fuck films. We think she did a pretty convincing job at acting all humble and cutely embarrassed. That was probably because this mainstream company didn’t want her jamming her three fingers up her own twat, right there in their nice, clean studio. When you sit down and grab a glob of hand cream to watch some Coco videos, there’s no doubt you’ll be doing the one-hand-in-the-pants dance in no time. Her tight body, perky tits, and devilish tush are so badass, you’re just asking for trouble if you try to ignore them. We bet if Coco were watching with you, she’d give your dick a good cunt spanking.

Born: 1979-07-19

Career: 2008 to Present (Started around 10 years ago)

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