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Candy Samira

Aliases: Sexy Jill

Candy Samira may seem as sweet as candy, but she’ll give you an ache in your balls instead of your canines. In fact, Candy is just as much salty and sour as she is sweet. She’s the kind of gal who will act all nice and charming right up until the moment her inner vagina power begins to climax and she turns into a monstrously horny hellcat. Candy will suck you dry, chew you up, and spit you out, even as the next swinging dick is coming her way for some full-service action. Born in 1980 in the socialist country of East Germany, Candy had to learn the ways of community sharing. 20 years later, after Germany united, Candy was ready to spread her Eastern love to all those hunky Western dudes and fashionable Western ladies. She was also ready to spread open her pussy lips and get penetrated by any member of the land of the free. Taking full advantage of the spoils of capitalism and the freedom of individual choice, Candy saved up some cash and bought herself a stunning pair of E-cup knockeroos. Since getting into porn, Candy has been excelling in the cougar genre, hunting down her prey and savoring every drop of sex sauce and cock milk she gets from her slutty spoils. When she’s not doing the fuck dance for the cams, she’s at home working her webcam or go-go dancing in a club.

Born: 1980-11-06

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