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Ben Dover

Aliases: Steve Perry

Have you ever called a local business and asked for Ben Dover? Well, an ambitious young man took that silly name to the extreme and chose it as his porn name. A performer and a director, his name has made for some comical titles. A British bloke, Ben can also be found wearing a proper cravat and smoking jacket, with a distinguished look. He has directed a lot of movies, and his starring roles usually involve him fucking superhot babes. His movies have different themes like "The Boob Cruise," "Ass Worshippers," and "Royal Reamers."

Ben has a famous progeny and a pornstar wife; his son is British actor Tyger Drew-Honey, and his wife, former glamour model Linzi Drew. Ben has gone several other porn names. Oftentimes identifying as Steve Perry, he has also been: Lindsay Honey, Hot Rod, Brian Williams. In 2006 he was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award from the UK Adult Film Awards, and in 2011 his prolific, award-winning work got him inducted into the AVN Hall of Fame.

Ben is a former male stripper and local musician. He tried porn because he was just exploring the world during the 70s. Then he got into business with some other guys and tried his hand at making his own movies. Clearly it was a good look for him because he is still out and about in the media today, even if he hasn’t made a new movie since 2013. Check out his historic work if you want to see a real porn legend!

Career: 1992 to 2011

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