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Anna Nicole Smith
Anna Nicole Smith is a household name to anybody with a working set of eyes who’s ever witnessed those natural wonders of the world: boobs. Anna’s knockers don’t require a special introduction, because they’re some of the most famous milk cannons on the planet. You can’t even hear the name Anna without your dick mumbling the words Nicole, right before it spews out a stream of people-making paste. Anna is the Pictionary definition of so many B words: busty, buxom, and bountiful, to name a few. At times, she’s been pretty thin and curvy, while other times, she’s rocked the sexy curvaceous Reubanesque look; in any case, her body has always been a virtual jizz target to hordes of celebrity-obsessed horndogs. With her streaked blonde hair, thick slutty lips and uber-sultry eyes, Anna has that Barbie-doll look down pat, so much so that even Barbie dolls get wet when they look at her. At 19, she started showing off the goods as a stripper in Houston. Anna was launched to stardom when she modeled for Playboy and became the Playmate of the Year in 1993, preceding the other wicked mate, Jenna Jameson. After some more high-end modeling, she became the center of a scandal for marrying some billionaire oil tycoon, surely causing loads of budding horny boys to apply for jobs in the energy industry. She then briefly dated famous radio pervert Howard Stern. Despite her marriages, you’re obviously more interested in the steamy softcore vids that we’ve collected for you, right here in Casa Pornhub.

Born: 1967-02-08

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