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Download Toolbar
0.5.0 - PornMD.xpi
For Windows 7 SP1; Windows Vista SP2; IE 8 / 9 / 10
  • How to Install
  • How it Works
Step 1: Click Install Now on the Dialog Box
After clicking the Download Toolbar button, the Software Installation dialog box will appear.
Click the Install Now button to proceed.
Step 2: Click Restart Now to complete Installation
Firefox will ask you to restart the browser to complete installation.
Click Restart Now to activate the new add-on.
Step 3: Set Toolbar Options to finish the Installation
When Firefox restarts you will see a dialog box with the following options:
1. Set PornMD Search as your Default Search (Uncheck to disable this feature)
2. Set PornMD.com as your Default Home Page (Uncheck to disable this feature)
3. Set PornMD.com as the Default Website for each New Tab you open (Uncheck to disable this feature)
Once you’re done setting the options click Finish to complete the process.
Search with Auto Complete
By default, suggestions will appear as you type in the PornMD search box. The results will narrow as your search term becomes more specific. You can choose to display either keyword suggestions or matching video results by accessing the toolbar Settings Menu.
Change Your Search Preferences
You can change your search preferences by selecting various filters via the drop-down menus on the toolbar.You can also set the default filters you prefer from the toolbar Settings Menu.
Hide the Toolbar
You can hide the PornMD toolbar and redisplay it whenever you want to use one of its features. To hide the toolbar simply click the hide button or use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Q to toggle. You can change the default keyboard shortcut from the toolbar Settings Menu.
Share Your Favorite Videos
You can share your favorite videos with popular social media sites such as Twitter, Google Plus, Reddit and Stumble Upon.
Change Your Default Settings
You can change the default search settings of the Toolbar under the Settings Menu.